About ZoomMap

ZoomMap utilises the power of Google maps to deliver an unparalleled product in terms of functionality and usability. Fused with our data services, ZoomMap allows you to integrate high quality relevant local information into your website at a low cost.

Selling the lifestyle

Very often the property is only part of the equation; the lifestyle that a property brings is as we all know a major consideration too. The demands of lifestyle, family, education and work all need to be considered. Our modules allow you to give your visitor instant access to a range of essential local area information all relative to their property of interest.

  • How can I get to work?
  • Where’s my local gym?
  • Can I pick up a pint of milk at the weekend?
  • Are the kids going to have a good school?
  • Where is my local pub / bar?
  • Where can I have a great meal and walk home?

We know you can't truly experience an area until you've actually been there, but these additions to your website allow your visitors to build a picture.

Competitive Advantage

Can your competitors provide such a range of detailed information relative to a vendor or landlords own property? These modules allow you to actively demonstrate your local knowledge to every visitor of your website.

How it works

We offer four key products:

  • Mapping Interface & Geo-Coding (converting postcodes to mappable points)
  • Point of Interest Information (Bars, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Gyms etc)
  • Local Schools & Performance Information
  • Nearest Public Transport

All these services can be purchased individually (per branch pricing) or combined to provide a powerful and detailed local area information package.

After we set up your account we provide you with a package of simple files to install or your website, you don't need a programmer just a basic understanding of HTML should be enough. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. Depending how far you want to take it you can even customise the colours and markers used on the mapping.

Existing clients

Here is a selection of agents already benefiting from ZoomMap (click logo to see how it is working).

Property Agents

Whether you're using Dezrez or a bespoke software application integration is simple and the cost of ownership low.

Contact us today for more information on the ZoomMap service. ZoomMap installations operate on per branch pricing.

Web Developers

If you're a web developer and interested in offering ZoomMap to your clients why not contact us.

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